Organizational Procedures for the Church

The segments below contain narrated PowerPoint slide shows that must be downloaded. If you do not have PowerPoint, please follow the instructions on the right column of this page.

Segment 1. How to Qualify for Church Sanctuary (7 min)

Segment 2. Respecting the Establishment - The Corporation Sole (10 min)
Narration Only - Transcript - Brochure - Booklet

Segment 3. Respecting the Establishment - The Ministerial Trust (10 min)

Segment 4. Separation of Church & State (9.5 min)

Segment 5. State Regulated Religion (9 min)

The topics below (and above) are discussed during our live events.
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Segment 6. Church Authority Above All

Segment 7. Notification is Not Required

Segment 8. Burden of Proof

Segment 9. Remedies at Law

Segment 10. The Essence of Commerce

Segment 11. Consent of the Governed

Segment 12. The Just Shall Live By Faith

Segment 13. Living Your Personal Ministry

Segment 14. Christian Patriotism

Segment 15. Your Declaration of Status

Segment 16. The Ministerial Trust

Segment 17. Trustor - Creator & Grantor

Segment 18. Trustee - Corporation Sole

Segment 19. Beneficiary - Public at Large

Segment 20. Mandatory Exception Rule

Segment 21. Tax Exemption Privilege

Segment 22. The Church Defined

Segment 23. Non-profit Comparison Chart

Segment 24. IRS Exempt Organizations Letter

Segment 25. State Acknowledgment of Church Authority

Segment 26. Financial Principles of the Church

Segment 27. Areas of Coverage

Segment 28. Non-disclosure Agreement

Segment 29. The Powers That Be