More Resources

Law and Government Issues (and More) that Directly Effect the Church

Adventure Club — Exploration of Unknown Territory with Mentors for Young Men and Boys
Arlington Law School — Understand and Practice Natural Commercial and Universal Law
Artisan Contract Services — Estate and Personal Independent Contract Management
Electrobooster — This will Turn Computer Audio Output into Electrocleansing Signals
Electrocleansing — How an Electrobooster Harnesses the Healing Power of Electricity
Embassy of Heaven — Proclaiming and Administrating God's Government on Earth
Family Guardian — Practical Information Dedicated to Protecting People and Families
His Holy Church — Being Ruled by God Rather than by Men Who Think they are Gods
Love the Wrap — Herbal Based Health and Wellness Products
Mutual Assurance — Be Self-insured Instead of Seeking the Protection of Other Men
Not Fooled by Government — Why America is in Trouble and What to Do About It
ProAdvocate Group — Help in Areas that Most Legal Professionals are Reluctant to Address
Remedies at Law — Non-union Law Firm: There is a Remedy at Law for Every Problem

The Law of Necessity — by Pastor Chuck Baldwin
The Rule of Law — by Pastor William Einwechter
Spiritual Wickedness in High Places — By Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Teach Your Children Well — by Joseph Sobran

Christian Patriotism (65 pages) — by Alonzo Trevier Jones
The Poisoned Needle (220 pages) — by Eleanor McBean

CCleaner by Piriform — Download this Free and Safe Computer Optimizer Program