Establishment Service for Church Organization

How to Obtain Free Establishment Documents

It is our privilege to assist and advise a network of personal ministries, missions, congregations and other Church related associations. Our approach is to first help you identify, or further clarify, and simplify your God-given purpose. Next, we establish a legal base upon which you can safely and effectively function in the world, but not of the world.

We explain the problems associated with state incorporation and other forms of secular control of the Church and present information about the superior position of a pure Biblical Church ministry. During our Workshops we begin the establishment of Ministerial Trusts and arrange for their executive management by people like you as a member of the Body of Christ.

Please check our Calendar of Events for scheduled times and dates, or simply Register Here to indicate when you wish to listen to a Conference or participate in a Workshop by telephone, or to schedule a private consultation. While attending our free Introductory Conference, we will tell you how to obtain your free set of Establishment Documents. We look forward to showing you how this simple approach is successfully used to establish and manage personal, congregational, or any other kind of Church affiliated ministry.